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Passing the Baton

How might we get serious about leadership develpment of our younger and upcoming generations?  It is not uncommon for our congregational leaders to be comprised of members of our eldest generations.  Certainly they have experience, wisdom, and in many cases, the possibility of more free time as their child rearing responsibilities have ended. 

“When the Baby Boomers retire, some fear they will leave a leadership vacuum in their wake. Boomers have not been good about passing on their leadership knowledge, and Xers have not been good about accepting Boomers as mentors, Gilburg writes.”

How can our congregations prepare for a successful handoff? 




Comments on: "Passing the Baton" (2)

  1. Our congregation offered a multigen Mission Trip, building a school in Guatemala with 10 adults and 8 youth. One of the experiences was of having the youth smooth the waters of personality conflicts among the adults. The youth were invaluable, keeping the group focused on the trip instead of old ruts, patterns and rusty trust of the adults. Read more on our webpage at http://www.uure.com. We offer the summary of our trip as a Mission Manifesto for free so that other congregations can try their own multigen mission trip.

  2. I sent this to the Board of my church as well as other key leaders. I hear a lot of complaining about younger people not stepping up to fill leadership postions. There seems to be a feeling that the younger potential leaders have to do everything exactly the same way it has always been done.
    Sara Cloe, CRE

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