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This came to my inbox this afternoon via The Legacy Project:


As children, parents, and grandparents get together over the
holidays, and as students set new goals in the New Year, it’s the
perfect time to learn from the life stories of older adults.

Young people can learn about their family, themselves, and even
history when they interview a grandparent or grandfriend. And
they can win a Lenovo ThinkCentre computer and $25,000 of
EdOptions’ educational products when they enter the Legacy
Project’s 12th annual Listen to a Life Essay Contest.

In addition to connecting generations, the contest helps young
people develop interviewing, listening, writing, and technology
skills. Many students are surprised by what they learn, and
teachers consistently report students are inspired to do some of
their best writing.

To enter the Listen to a Life Contest, students 8-18 years
interview a grandparent or grandfriend 50 years or older about
the older person’s hopes and goals through their life, how they
achieved their goals and overcame obstacles, or key life
experiences. The student then writes a 300-word essay based on
the interview.

This year’s Listen to a Life Contest runs to March 30, 2012.

For complete contest details, interview tips and sample


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