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NNED Food Drive







 What would happen if we all came together, throughout our Northern New England District, and focused our attention on one issue, for oneweek?

 What if all of our congregations collectively engaged in food drives at the same time?

 How much food could we collect? How many people could we feed? How many community organizations could we support?

 Join us as we embark on a District-wide multigenerational adventure:

Sunday, September 25, 2011 – Saturday, October 1, 2011

Plan to collect food this week to share with your State’s Food Bank or another local organization.


Here’s what folks will be doing at the UU Church in Concord, NH:

“The Northern New England District of the UUA asks all congregations to participate in a food drive during the last week of September.  This drive happens at a time when we, as a congregation, are considering ways to eat more ethically.  To become truly ethical in our eating, perhaps we need to do what we can to ensure that others, regardless of income, also have access to healthy food.  The food we collect will be shared with Merrimack Valley Day Care Center.  They are the largest provider of child care for low income families in Merrimack County, and they provide a nutritious snack and lunch daily.  At our church picnic on Sept. 11, look for a food giving tree.  Working with suggestions from their nutritionist, we have tags requesting donations of fresh food.  Please note: it is very important that the donations come in only on Sunday, September 25 or October 2, as we have minimal storage for perishables during the week.  Our own Betty Eberhart was instrumental in helping to create this vital childcare service in 1967. “


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