A Unitarian Universalist Multigenerational Ministry Resource




Service/Outreach/Social Justice:

  1. Do yard work for a needy congregant
  2. Church grounds and gardening day
  3. Green Sanctuary project for all ages
  4. Invite Green Sanctuary Committee to lead activity
  5. Make a peace pole
  6. Multi-age group volunteering at UU Urban Ministry
  7. Visit elders together
  8. Cluster families supporting each other outside of church
  9. Building and grounds work
  10. Plan a social justice day/church time for all ages
  11. Ride/Walk to church day
  12. Clean the church together
  13. Fix up part of the building together
  14. Earth Day festival outside
  15. Multigenerational social action project
  16. Travel for a service project
  17. Family Service Day
  18. Community Service day
  19. Repair things
  20. Build a playground
  21. Talk to your neighbors
  22. Invite singles
  23. Make building easier to get into


Governance andWholeChurch:

  1. Include all ages on committees
  2. Invite youth onto the worship committee
  3. Quarterly planning meetings with all worship staff
  4. Increase pledge $
  5. call/email exchange – all ages
  6. Ask kids what they want
  7. Ask elders what they want
  8. Website for and by all generations
  9. Whole church retreats for visioning
  10. Newsletter for and by all generations
  11. New member classes as family orientations
  12. Podcast

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