A Unitarian Universalist Multigenerational Ministry Resource





Religious Education:


  1. Shorten RE classes so kids are regularly in the service longer
  2. UU Superheroes for all ages
  3. Have the parents, teachers, and kids together for Teacher Orientation
  4. Host an adult lock-in with youth in leadership
  5. Neighboring Faiths as a family curriculum
  6. Coming of Age for adults and youth together
  7. Young adults as teachers
  8. Worship, Small Group Ministry, and RE thematically connected
  9. Host an RE night, exploring a certain topic in a variety of ways
  10. Teach others something you know how to do
  11. Teen teachers for adults
  12. Panel of different ages answering the same questions
  13. Learn something together (music? Dance? Origami?)
  14. Sing out the adults and have them attend an RE class taught by the kids
  15. Upside down day: kid in sanctuary, adults in classes
  16. One week with NO worship service: all RE
  17. Ask congregation to contribute questions to Coming of Age
  18. Theology classes
  19. Family Spirit Circles: small group ministry with families on how to do church and bring it home

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