A Unitarian Universalist Multigenerational Ministry Resource


Food…..and Coffee!!:


  1. All Church Picnic
  2. Moveable feast picnic: each person randomly assigned a station/part of meal
  3. Picnic at a playground
  4. Cook together
  5. Multigenerational cooking classes
  6. Eat together
  7. Create a meal and share it together
  8. Monthly potluck luncheon
  9. Potluck breakfasts
  10. Move Soup Kitchen cooking time from morning to after school
  11. Empty Bowls project
  12. Ice cream social
  13. Breakfast with Minister for all ages
  14. Potluck on a famous UU’s birthday
  15. Huge long sub sandwich pot luck
  16. Tea party
  17. Progressive dinner or desserts
  18. Multigenerational dessert time – all ages cooking together
  19. Create a cook book
  20. Thematic Friday suppers
  21. Have kids put together coffee hour
  22. Ask small groups to host coffee hour
  23. Have RE classes host coffee hour
  24. Provide conversation starters for multigenerational coffee hour
  25. Include hobby displays at coffee hour by different people of all generations
  26. Welcome children into coffee hour
  27. Mid-week meal and worship
  28. UU history dinner: come in costume

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