A Unitarian Universalist Multigenerational Ministry Resource

This is what happens when you get a room of religious educators together and ask them:

“What innovative programs, activities, ideas or strategies might we use in becoming more intentional about multigenerational ministry within our congregations?”


  1. Start a multigenerational choir
  2. Kid’s choose-a-hymn Sunday
  3. Invite youth to tell the Story for All Ages
  4. Animal blessing
  5. Hold a multigenerational service with an obscure theme (known well by kids)
  6. Start a multigenerational band
  7. Have youth lead an RE class in the worship service for all ages
  8. Reenact a piece of UU history
  9. Sit with someone new/different in worship
  10. Mix up ages to light the chalice
  11. Do rituals together
  12. Have kids present for Joys and Concerns
  13. Family led chapel services
  14. Families ushering together
  15. Celebrate holidays
  16. Create worship together
  17. Use art work from all ages on the front of the order of service
  18. Music sharing for offertory
  19. Invite a child to ring the bell
  20. Videos (like story corps) for all ages
  21. Mix up seating – kids don’t sit with their families
  22. Seat everyone in the balcony first
  23. Worship buddies: a child sits with another adult for the 1st part of the service
  24. Bring animals into the service
  25. Change places: hold worship in your fellowship hall
  26. Worship outside
  27. Include milestone celebrations for adults in multigenerational services
  28. Sing together
  29. Host a “Bring a Friend to Church” day
  30. Don’t use an order of service
  31. Change structure of the order of service
  32. Have worship at another time
  33. Kids lead song in service (with movement)
  34. Dance choir
  35. Spiritual Practice Day: introduce yoga in the service
  36. Move the body around
  37. Keep it moving- no part of a multigenerational worship service should last more than 5 minutes
  38. Kid greeters
  39. Don’t use hymnals
  40. Lead songs without hymnals
  41. Pray together
  42. Gather ideas from kids, adults and elders about the most important/interesting aspects of a service
  43. Hold a space for the youth
  44. Youth as lay worship leaders
  45. Have graduating youth share what the church has meant to them
  46. Children’s worship led by parents
  47. Youth led service
  48. Children lead the affirmation
  49. Mystery friends worship service
  50. Allow children to take a bigger role in worship: readings, etc
  51. Invite LGBT Committee to lead a service
  52. Invite a family to lead a worship service
  53. Worship together on the Church’s birthday
  54. Use a screen to project the words to hymns
  55. Community created worship
  56. Personal histories sharing with congregation
  57. Teach songs before the service



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