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This has been on my mind for weeks. I have started and restarted this post no less than 5 times, never quite satisfied with what I had to say. This morning, I stumbled across this LREDA post in my inbox, written by Natalie Browne, Director of Lifespan Faith Development at First Unitarian Universalist Church Houston, TX. She writes:

Have you wondered what to tell your children about the holiday we celebrate this Sunday? If you are a Christian UU, celebrate Jesus’ resurrection joyfully. If the story of Jesus’ resurrection has become slightly problematic for you in that you may have a more symbolic understanding than that he rose from the dead in a literal sense, know that you are not alone and share your sense of wondering with your children.

Then again, perhaps you will find something more helpful in what Michelle Richards wrote in her parenting blog on April 18. Take a look at http://blogs.uuworld.org/parenting/

Perhaps you will have to admit to your children that this is a mystery: that people have been trying to make sense of life and death for a very long time. Tell them that Easter is about life: about life coming from eggs, from seeds, from mommies and daddies, and in all sorts of stories. Tell them that mystery is exciting; that what they feel in their hearts is precious; that what they think is important and that they can think and feel about life and be glad.


Comments on: "It’s Easter. And I’m UU. Now what?" (2)

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  2. I really liked your Easter post, Kim. Thanks for those words!

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