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I am a producer who lives in the Boston area. We are creating a companion
DVD to go into a college level developmental psychology textbook on lifespan
development. Our video segments will bring to life selected topics in the
chapters about early adulthood, middle adulthood & late adulthood.

We are creating short documentary segments by interviewing a number of
people, all on the same topics, at different stages of adulthood. The topics
we want to cover are things like work life/retirement, attitudes towards
aging, health, forging relationships/social networking, religion and
spirituality (or the absence of it), etc. The whole process takes
approximately 4 hours. We do a pre-interview by phone which takes
approximately 10-15 minutes. Then, if the publisher gives us the go-ahead,
we schedule a sit down interview at a mutually convenient time. Immediately
following the interview we will get video of the people doing their things
— a window into their world. All the people we have interviewed so far for
this project have really enjoyed participating.

Currently we are in need of later adults (60+ years). Some of the profiles
that we’re looking for include:

* An older couple have been together for years and have a great relationship
* An internet savvy elder who has a lot of online relationships (perhaps
someone who for health or other reasons is mostly at home and whose major
connection to the outside world is through the internet)
* A new couple who were previously married and are now dating again
* A grandparent who is now taking on primary “parental” responsibility for
one of more grandchildren (and who may have had to go back to work after
retiring to help support them).

For our Middle Adulthood group, we are looking for an immigrant in their
50’s, whose child or children have fairly recently gone off to college or
has moved out of the parental house.

We will compensate people for their time. We encourage gender, ethnic and
socio-economic diversity in our profiles, but are especially looking for
someone who can articulate their thoughts well on camera.

If you know an interesting person (or two) who might be willing to let us
interview them, please feel free to have them contact me. I would love to
tell them more about the project. My email address is sirri@nkpmedia.com and
my cellphone number is 617-872-8473.

Thank you very much.

Best, Sirri

Sirri Spiesel


Comments on: "Calling all Adults ages 60+" (1)

  1. Judy Crawford and Tad Crawford said:

    When you adult daughter (one of five children and eleven grandchildren) sends you a link like this and suggests that you qualify as the “older couple with a great relationship” that these folks are looking for, it seems like the inquiry deserves a reply.

    I believe my husband and I have interesting life stories and are using our retirement years creatively. We certainly are having a good time.

    You may wish to contact us.

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