A Unitarian Universalist Multigenerational Ministry Resource

Here is a resource you are sure to love! Tracey Ericson of Kennebunk, ME sent me this link not long ago. Tracey writes, “We plan to use the book “Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom, and Wishes” as a theme for RE Sunday in May. A member of our congregation, who is first grade teacher, recommended this to me and suggested that I look at the Legacy Project resources that go with it that are available online. This is a brief description of the Legacy Project: “Create, Connect, Change with the Legacy Project at www.legacyproject.org. This multigenerational education project reaching children, teens, adults, and elders across the continent is about creating your life, connecting with others, and changing the world.”

On this website, you will find more stories, activities, and projects then you’ll ever be able to use. It is rich with choices and a great resource to add to your database.

Relationships across generations make us feel connected. They make us feel connected not only to each other, but to something bigger – to the flow of life, to the past and to the future. In this hectic, high-tech world, we need this sense of connection. In fact, we crave it. It helps us understand where we’ve come from, who we are, where we’re going, and why we’re going there.


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