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What’s your best story?

I’ve been meeting with DREs throughout the Northern New England District, taking my Multigenerational Ministry song and dance on the road. One of the most common questions I hear is, “What are other people doing right now that works?” Do you have an example of a social justice project that included folks of all ages? Are you dying to share a great multigenerational worship service that your congregation recently experienced? What are you doing? What’s your best story?


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  1. We are just beginning to make some strides in the multi-generational worship service. We have a large congregation and too small of a space so at times being active during service is a bit of an issue. This Thanksgiving though, we had a service that seemed to be pretty successful.

    We used the Guest at Your Table idea of setting a welcoming table where anyone could come forward and help set the table. We than had an open discussion of why the table is set in a way that is inviting. We told the story of Stone Soup, and encouraged people to come up from the audience and read the parts. (In both the setting of the table as well as the story we had young people as well as adults come forward to work together.)

    We also had families light the chalice and had family friendly songs.

    Our “activity” during the service included die-cut hand prints. We encouraged each person write or draw on one side of the hand things they were grateful for and on the other side things they would do this time of year to show their gratitude. (We also encouraged them to decorate the hands if they wished.) When the hands were complete they were welcome to come up and place the hand prints on an evergreen tree – this could happen during any part of the service. We followed this up by have a congregational response time where people could tell what they had placed on their hand prints.

    We have four services and did this at all four. It was wonderful to see the variety of people who stepped forward and create a supportive family environment. (My 9 and 14 year old actually loved it . . .which is saying something :))

    I am looking forward to hearing more ideas!


  2. Bridget~

    That sound great!! Who is responsible for crafting Multigenerational worship services in your congregation? Do the minister and DRE work in partnership? Were any children/youth involved in the planning? There are so mnay different models, it’s helpful to know how this all came to be.

    Thanks!! Keep up the good work!

  3. Artist Caryl Henry Alexander created a display for UUs for Social Justice and set it up with help by husband, Jesse, for the DC Green Fest. Different ages, including youth, helped by painting signs to hold. We first set up the display in our church, but we took photos of many people of all ages at both our church and the festival. There are 5 pages of photos on Flicker here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/uugreenfest/pool/page4/

  4. On December 12, our Religious Education Program did the Worship Service and Pageant based on Joyce Poley’s “Would You Like to Hold the Baby”. We had adult’s and children light the chalice and advent wreath together. The adults on the RE Committee did the other speaking parts of the Worship Service. The children and youth performed the pageant. During the pageant 5 youth and 2 adults sang solos with the congregation joining in on the choruses. We split the Narrator part into five sections so that 5 different children could speak. During the offertory a ten year old girl sang “Silent Night” in German and then was joined by the congregation in English. After the service we all gathered in the Parish Hall for a luncheon. Several people remarked on how confident and relaxed the children and youth were singing and speaking in front of the congregation. I think that their the confidence comes from knowing that they are valued members of our community. After the Pageant 2 of our youth asked and the child who sang “Silent Night” asked the minister if they could sing solos on Christmas eve. It was a wonderful day of sharing!

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